Health Highlights: June 13, 2022​

For some 911 calls, are mental health specialists the better choice? One American city’s innovative approach to handling low-level 911 calls — sending mental health professionals rather than police — may have taken a bite out of crime. Read more

FDA seems to support Pfizer, Moderna COVID shots for youngest kids. Agency documents posted on Sunday said three doses of the Pfizer vaccine appear to help prevent illness in children under 5, judging by the level of virus-blocking antibodies the shots induced. On Friday, the FDA said Moderna’s COVID vaccine for children under 6 was also effective. A decision on use in this age group is expected this week. Read more

Vaping-linked lung injuries can leave long-term symptoms. A big proportion of patients continue to be wracked with breathing difficulty, brain fog and mood disorders a year after their initial diagnosis, new research shows. Read more

Human brains may be hotter than thought. Brain scans conducted on 40 people find that temperatures can reach feverish levels — but it’s all very healthy. Read more

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