Health Highlights: June 14, 2022​

Stress can age, weaken your immune system. New research shows that traumatic events, job strain, daily stressors and discrimination may all speed aging of the immune system, raising the risk for cancer, heart disease and other illnesses, including COVID-19. Read more

FDA approves first pill to fight severe alopecia. Baricitinib is made by Eli Lilly and is already used for rheumatoid arthritis. Some patients with patchy baldness due to alopecia saw full regrowth of hair. Read more

CDC warns of salmonella outbreak tied to poultry. One person has died and 27 people have been hospitalized in the multi-state salmonella outbreak linked to backyard chickens, the agency said. Read more

COVID symptoms rarely rebound after treatment with Paxlovid. Despite isolated reports of symptoms coming back after patients get the drug, a new study finds the occurrence is very rare. Read more

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