Health Highlights: June 8, 2022​

Is America ready for the new 988 mental health hotline? Beginning July 16, the new number will be available 24/7 for Americans dealing with mental health crises. But a new study finds that many communities are unprepared for it. Read more

FDA panel OKs Novavax as 4th COVID vaccine. The shot is based the traditional vaccine technology used to fight influenza and shingles, offering a distinctly different option to Americans who may be wary of mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. Read more

4 in 10 Americans who need mental health care can’t get it. Forty-two percent of U.S. adults who needed care in the previous 12 months did not get it because of costs and other barriers, according to a new online survey. Read more

Is politics creating a ‘mortality gap’ for Americans? In a study spanning the years 2001 through 2019, Democratic-leaning counties had greater reductions in death rates for most common causes of death, compared to Republican-dominated counties. Read more

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