Health Highlights: April 18, 2022

U.S. COVID Response Coordinator says those over 60 should get a second booster shot: Compelling data from Israel convinced Dr. Ashish Jha to offer stronger booster guidance for older Americans on Sunday. Read more

Public health officials investigating severe hepatitis cases among kids in the United States, U.K.: The World Health Organization (WHO) is investigating an unexplained increase in severe liver infection in children around the world, including nine cases in Alabama. Some cases have led to hospitalizations and even some liver transplants, but no deaths. Read more

Attending a segregated school raises risk of alcohol abuse among Black youth: School segregation may sound like a relic from the past, but it has actually been increasing in the United States for years. Now a new study shows that has come with health consequences for Black children. Read more

Coronavirus fragments found in human feces months after infection: COVID-19 is mainly known as a respiratory ailment, but a new study suggests it can infect your intestinal tract for up to seven months after you’ve cleared the bug from your lungs. Read more

Brain scans may spot when psychosis, depression might worsen: The future of diagnosing and targeting treatments for serious mental health disorders may include MRI brain scans. Read more

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