Health Highlights: April 25, 2022

Could climate change be worsening ‘sneezin’ season’? In a new Harris/HealthDay poll, 74% of respondents said their symptoms negatively impact their overall quality of life. Read more

Acute hepatitis outbreak now totals 169 children across 11 countries. The World Health Organization isn’t sure if the numbers represent a real surge in the liver disease in kids, or just better reporting. Read more

Only 1 in 4 long COVID sufferers fully recover after a year. The new study also found the risk of long COVID was highest among women, obese people and those who’d been placed on a ventilator. Read more

Could a dog’s hair help indicate how stressed they are? Measuring levels of the stress hormone cortisol in hair may be a simple, pain-free alternative to collecting multiple samples of saliva, urine, feces or blood, researchers said. Read more

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