Health Highlights: April 26, 2022

Big jump seen in number of U.S. teens carrying guns. Researchers report a 41% rise over the past two decades — with notable increases seen among white teens from higher-income families. Read more

Calcium supplements may bring harm to older heart patients. Seniors are often advised to take the supplements, but new research says the pills might significantly increase an aging person’s risk of heart valve problems that contribute to heart failure. Read more

White House pledges wider access to COVID drugs. On Tuesday, the Biden administration announced plans to nearly double the number of U.S. pharmacies that carry antiviral pills to fight COVID-19, reacting to complaints that many consumers can’t currently find the drugs. Read more

Taken prior to sex, new combo pill might prevent pregnancy for days. The experimental contraceptive combines ulipristal acetate, currently used as “morning-after” medication, plus the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug meloxicam to disrupt ovulation. Read more

Who’s most protected against a ‘breakthrough’ case of COVID-19? Folks who received an mRNA vaccine and who were infected with the coronavirus before their vaccination may be at lowest risk for the illness, new research suggests. Read more

FDA approves first COVID-19 medication for children. The agency gave its full approval for the use of the potent antiviral remdesivir for patients under the age of 12. The injected drug had been previously sanctioned for use in young kids under an emergency use authorization order. Read more

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