Health Tip: How Foods Impact Glycemic Index

Health Tip: How Foods Impact Glycemic Index

Glycemic index measures how specific foods affect your blood sugar. Foods with a higher number have a greater impact on blood glucose levels than foods with a lower GI score.

The American Diabetes Association explains how certain foods and their cooking methods impact the tally:

  • Foods with higher fiber and fat content have a lower GI score.
  • Highly processed foods tend to have higher GI scores. For example, fruit juice usually has a higher GI score than the fruit itself. And mashed potato has a higher GI than a whole baked potato.
  • Riper fruits tend to have a higher GI than less ripe fruits.
  • Cooking tends to raise a GI score. For example, al dente pasta has a lower GI than pasta cooked longer.

Source: HealthDay

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