Health Tip: Ready to Run a Trail?

Health Tip: Ready to Run a Trail?

If you’re a runner, taking a break from the regular route is a great way to mix up your routine and enjoy some new scenery.

The American Council on Exercise recommends:

  • Before you run a trail for the first time, explore the trail walking. Always take a buddy.
  • Carry a cell phone, GPS device or a whistle, so you can reach someone else and provide your location in an emergency.
  • Pack a few first-aid essentials, such as bandages, tape, antibacterial ointment and a knife. Make sure the weight of items you bring is spread evenly.
  • As you run down a hill, bend your knees and don’t lean back too far. Run with your head up, and push your arms forward from your shoulders.
  • When hills get steep, shorten your stride.

Source: HealthDay

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