Health Tip: Stave Off the Holiday Blues

Health Tip: Stave Off the Holiday Blues

The long to-do lists and busy schedules of the holidays are sources of anxiety and depression for some people.

The Mayo Clinic offers these ideas to help you stay mentally healthy:

  • Recognize and deal with your feelings. If you’ve recently gone through a loss, allow yourself to feel sad. Cry, talk about your feelings and don’t force yourself to be happier.
  • Seek support from friends, loved ones and community resources. Or seek professional help. Volunteering may help boost your mood.
  • Be realistic in your expectations for the holidays, and be open to changes.
  • Be accepting of loved ones, and set aside any differences until after the holidays. Recognize that others also may be struggling with holiday depression.
  • As much as possible, plan ahead for activities and chores. Don’t be afraid to say no! And remember to take time for yourself.

Source: HealthDay

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