Healthy Energy Boosters

I’m Dr. Cindy Haines of HealthDay TV… making news this week…How the flu vaccine packs extra protection.A warning about buying breast milk online.And the connection between exercise…and brain power in kids.First this week…what could be a shot in the arm for heart protection. New research shows the flu vaccine may lower your risk of heart attack. Researchers compiled data from more than 67-hundred people involved in 6 studies that looked at flu and heart issues. The average age of the participants was 67. 36 percent of them had a history of heart problems. Overall, 2-point-9 percent of those who got a flu vaccine developed a major heart problem within one year of follow-up. That compares to 4-point-7 percent who received placebo or were in a control group. The greatest benefit was seen in high risk patients who had active heart disease….making a case for cardiac patients to roll up their sleeves for a shot this flu season.Also this week…a warning about websites designed to help women buy and sell human breast milk. These classifieds for nursing moms have been gaining popularity, but new research says the milk may not be safe.Researchers bought 101 breast milk samples through a popular U.S. milk-sharing website and compared them to 20 unpasteurized samples donated to a milk bank that operated under the guidelines of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America. 74-percent of the online samples tested positive for high levels of bacteria

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