Rating the Results

I’m Dr. Cindy Haines of HealthDay TV… making news this week…Why choking continues to be a real danger for kids.Anemia’s link to dementia in seniors.And another reason to breastfeed your baby.First up this week…choking concerns in young children. A brand new study confirms that choking remains a serious problem. In fact, data on non-fatal choking incidents in kids 14 and under shows an average of 34 children are treated for choking every single day…. That adds up to 12-thousand-400 children each year. Hard candy is the biggest hazard… representing 15-percent of all choking incidents.13-percent are blamed on other candy.12-percent of choking cases are caused by meat.While another 12-percent by bones.Boys represented more than half of the cases. And children under four were at greatest risk.Now to seniors…and a possible link between anemia and your risk for dementia.More than 25-hundred people, ages 70 to 79, were checked for anemia, and then put through a series of cognitive and memory tests for more than a decade.

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