Health Tip: Easing Hives

Health Tip: Easing Hives

Hives are red, itchy skin welts that stem from an allergic reaction. Finding out what caused the hives is a first step in ending the itch.

The ease the discomfort and prevent hives from returning, the American Academy of Dermatology advises:

  • Hives may be triggered by food, medication, animals, pollen, stress or infection.
  • A mild case may not need treatment and may subside on its own.
  • A cool shower or cool compress placed on the hives can help soothe itch.
  • If you have frequent bouts of hives, you may want to find a support group to help you cope.
  • Hives accompanied by serious symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, may need an emergency medication. Speak to your doctor.

Source: HealthDay

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