Health Tip: Helping Your Teens Stay Safe

Health Tip: Helping Your Teens Stay Safe

As your children reach adolescence, they’ll want to head out with their friends without your supervision. As a parent, you should be prepared with some safety rules.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests:

  • Take a shopping trip together and talk about money, the way goods are marketed, appropriate behavior and treating others respectfully. Bring friends so you can see how they behave together.
  • As your child approaches adolescence, start observing others at the mall, which will help you prepare your child.
  • Initially, let your child and friends navigate the mall with you close by. Then gradually ease into situations with no parental supervision. Establish a schedule and rules for when and how the child should check in.
  • Ultimately, get to a point where you feel comfortable dropping off and picking up your child at the mall. Public transportation may be an option if available and your child is ready for it.

Source: HealthDay

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