Health Tip: Shop Healthy Without Breaking the Bank

Health Tip: Shop Healthy Without Breaking the Bank

Healthy eating doesn’t have to dent your wallet.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests how to buy healthier fare on a budget:

  • Check coupons and flyers for lean meat, produce, low-fat dairy and other staples that are on sale.
  • Your grocery list should focus on whole, fresh foods while avoiding packaged and prepared foods.
  • Plan a menu that allows you to use ingredients several times to keep your list short and avoid waste.
  • Shop for seasonal fresh produce, or opt for frozen varieties without added sugar or salt.
  • Buy in bulk on sale to use in multiple recipes. Incorporate dried beans and whole grains for nutrition at a lower price.
  • Use the most perishable ingredients, such as fish, early in the week to prevent spoilage and waste.

Source: HealthDay

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