Make 2022 Your Year for a Free Memory Screening

SUNDAY, Jan. 2, 2022 (HealthDay News) – When it comes to routine health screenings, resolve to include a memory assessment in 2022.

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America offers routine screenings that are both virtual and free every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The process is quick, taking about 10 to 15 minutes. It includes a series of questions meant to gauge memory, language, thinking skills and other intellectual functions. For the screening, you’ll need a device with a webcam and internet capability, such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

The foundation compares the screenings to those for cholesterol, skin and blood pressure. While the results are not considered a diagnosis, they can suggest if someone should see a doctor for a full evaluation.

Annual screenings are important, including for our brains, which is why everyone should make getting a memory screening a New Year’s resolution for 2022,” said Charles Fuschillo Jr., foundation president and CEO. “Just as we regularly check other facets of our health, we should all get a checkup from the neck up, regardless of whether or not we are having memory problems.”

Many conditions can cause memory issues, including those that are treatable, such as vitamin deficiencies, thyroid conditions, urinary tract infections, stress, anxiety and depression.

Early detection is also important for dementia-related illness, including Alzheimer’s disease. It can provide an opportunity to start treatments earlier to help slow symptoms, to take part in a clinical trial or get connected to support groups and therapeutic programming.

To schedule a memory screening, call the foundation at 866-232-8484 or visit its website at

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has more on Alzheimer’s disease.

SOURCE: Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, news release, Dec. 28, 2021

Source: HealthDay

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