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I’m Dr. Cindy Haines of HealthDay TV… making news this week.
How sudden cardiac arrest isn’t always so sudden.
Why too much media complicates sleep issues in kids with autism spectrum disorder.
And a new study that supports nut consumption.

Sudden cardiac arrest…and how in some cases, warning signs are there weeks beforehand.

This type of heart problem is due to a failure in the electrical system…the heart often needing to be shocked to start back up.

Now new research finds men often get warning signs up to weeks before sudden cardiac arrest strikes.

Researchers looked at records from 5-hundred-67 middle aged men who had cardiac arrest.
56 percent reported prior chest pain.
13 percent had shortness of breath in the weeks before the actual event.
4 percent had dizziness, fainting or palpitations.

Nearly 80 percent of the symptoms occurred between four weeks and one hour before the sudden cardiac arrest.

Further research is being done to see if early warning signs also appear in women.
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