Whole Fruits for Health

I’m Dr. Cindy Haines of HealthDay TV… Making news this week…
Heightened concern for men with high cholesterol.
How drinking early in life may impact a woman’s breast cancer risk.
And the ADHD-autism connection in kids.

First this week…big news if you’re a middle-aged man with high cholesterol. Researchers analyzed health data from nearly 45-thousand people who were 60 years old and younger at the start of the study… They included 23-thousand-525 women and 20-thousand-725 men.

During more than a decade of follow-up…the researchers found that the men suffered more than 3 times as many heart attacks than the women did. In looking at specific factors, the researchers went on to conclude that middle-aged men with high cholesterol are at far greater risk for cardiac issues than women – much higher than previously thought. Currently, there’s no difference in how men and women are treated for high cholesterol…but according to the lead researcher, these findings show men under 60 should be

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