Health Tip: Skip the Frying Pan

Health Tip: Skip the Frying Pan

Nothing can sink heart-healthy food faster than frying it in oil and breading.

The American Heart Association suggests these alternatives:

  • Stir fry your favorite veggies and meat in a little broth or oil. Avoid high-sodium seasonings, such as soy or teriyaki sauce.
  • Roast, broil or grill meat and poultry in a pan with a rack, which will allow fat to drip from the food. Baste with lemon juice.
  • Use a covered dish and pour in extra liquid to bake food in the oven.
  • Poach chicken or fish to cut calories.
  • Sautee vegetables in a pan with a bit of oil or broth, or steam them in a basket over boiling water.

Source: HealthDay

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