What Makes a Dog Vicious?

I’m Dr. Cindy Haines of HealthDay TV. Making news this week.

The use of complementary alternative medicine to treat Autism Spectrum Disorders

Does sexting lead to other sexual behaviors in adolscents?

And what puts a dog at risk for aggressive behavior..

First – Are some parents turning to risky alternative treatments for autism spectrum disorders?

Researchers surveyed parents of more than 500 children with ASD and other developmental delays.

39% of the children with ASD were receiving complimentary alternative medicine, as well as 30% of the children with other developmental delays.

Dietary supplements were most commonly used. and gluten-free/casein-free diets were also popular both of which are considered low-risk.

But nearly 9 percent of parents reported using treatments classified by the researchers as potentially unsafe, invasive or unproven

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